RATL means

  "Rockin' ATLanta."

Photoplex Photography Studio


Mike Noa's professional studio website.

Dan's Music Blog - Metamurphosis


Our friend Dan's Blog about bands in the Atlanta Scene - check it out, it is a great site!

Phil's Flickr Site

Our friend Phil Carter's Photographic Stylings of RATL - check out his other pics, as well...

Take Me Out


Movie for which RATL performed on the soundtrack.


Kent's Photography Page


Our friend Kent's professional photography page.




Nicely-done online music source.  Type in a song name and it plays it!



Create your own listening stream of consciousness.  You get to program it!




Whether you're in Melbourne or Atlanta, know what time is where




WOW...  Where did the last 5 hours go???   WARNING... Highly Addictive.  Six degrees of much time online.




Enter location for local weather

Iceberg Radio


Very good online music site


  Check out tour information and more on your favorite artists.

RATL - an excellent choice - rock and roll for all occasions.