What does the band name mean?

RATL (pronounced "rattle"), is derived from the phrase "Rockin' ATLanta."  It's what they do.  They rock everywhere else, also.

What kind of music does the band perform? RATL performs classic as well as modern Rock and Roll music - from the 60's to the current favorites.  With an emphasis on "dance-able party rock," RATL maintains an edge that keeps the band from seeming cliché.
Does the band play just covers, or do they play original music, as well? RATL performs popular covers as well as thought-provoking originals.
Who would enjoy the band? RATL is able to satisfy audiences of all ages and preferences.
Who are the guys in the band? The RATL bio page is where you can find out about each member.
Why should someone hire this band? RATL is the perfect choice to "shake up" any event.
What is a show like?

RATL believes in performing, not merely playing, the songs that it brings to the show.  Expect a high-energy, fun-filled, dancing good time.

What is a catchy slogan for the band?

RATL - an excellent choice - rock and roll for all occasions.